Health professionals did not comply with the correct hand hygiene.

One year after the MRSA outbreak, the Neonatal and Child Care department at Glostrup Hospital still had many cases of infection. The cause? Insufficient hand hygiene on the part of health professionals, which increased the spread of multi-resistant bacteria.

It was found that the hands were the greatest means of transmission because, although there were several disinfection points scattered throughout the hospital, they were not immediately accessible to all professionals and in all situations.

“Hand disinfection is the most effective and cheapest way to prevent hospital infections.”

World Health Organization


A portable dispenser that can be used anytime, anywhere.
That allows health professionals to care for their patients with more confidence, without fear of contamination, thus providing a more empathic care. Thus, disinfection of the hands is guaranteed in all five moments identified as critical by the WHO.


The New Normal

With the COVID-19 pandemic, hand disinfection became a critical issue again. It was concluded that washing hands is the most effective preventive measure against the new coronavirus. For this reason, we adopted Yellowone Handsafe ™, used mostly by health professionals, for our daily lives, under the name of SpeedyHand.

Unique Features

● It has a clip that attaches to clothing, straps, pockets, belts, and keeps the dispenser always accessible and immediately.

● The conical shape allows the entire gel to be pumped, making it possible to use the gel alcohol until the end, without

● It works using only one hand.

● Pressing twice, you have 3 mL of alcohol gel – the amount recommended by international hand hygiene experts to disinfect your hands and wrists in 30 seconds.

● 75 mL capacity, useful for air travel.

● Rechargeable and recyclable.

● Available in 8 colors: red, pink, yellow, green, blue, black, lavender and mint.

– Unique and innovative design with features that make all the difference at the time of use. – Available in 8 colors: red, pink, yellow, green, blue, black, lavender and mint.
premios mundialmente - Speedyhand

Worldwide Awarded

Recognized worldwide for its unique and functional design under the Yellowone Handsafe ™ brand, this dispenser has received several awards, including the Danish Design Award for “Better Work” in 2016, European Design Awards for “Design for Safety” and “Design for Public Awareness” in 2017.

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