Our mission

The SpeedyHand exists for both experiencing the routine and exiting of the routine. So that you don’t stop living. So that everyone always feels safe.

We are always at the verge of trendy fashion. We have a color for every day, for every mood. Is it a rainy day and you need a ray of sunshine to cheer you up? Yellow will be the right choice.

We exist to give. Give security, give more life, give more hope, give more color, give security to return to routine. And we want to give even more. We support social causes that support children. It is our way of helping even more people, anywhere.

And helping people also means helping the environment. That’s why SpeedyHand is reusable and 100% recyclable. As for the packaging, it is 100% paper, from certified forests, and printed with ecological inks.


We want to be in every pocket.

We don’t want anyone isolated by fear or contamination. We want to end fears, increase good times and generate joy.


Protection: we help people to be safe, quickly.

Confidence: SpeedyHand is the result of 6 years of research in Denmark.

Usability: always near to your hand, always ready to use.

Give back: social and environmental responsibility.

Happiness: SpeedyHand helps you to enjoy life without fear, with cheerful colors that bring good mood.

Social responsability

Giving is part of our DNA, so it was impossible not to give a little more. We donate dozens of SpeedyHands to associations and health facilities. We create solidarity campaigns in which part of the sales value goes to social causes that support children.

Who We Have Helped

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